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Land of the Free: A Prayer Guide to End Human Trafficking in America Nicholas Canuso

Land of the Free: A Prayer Guide to End Human Trafficking in America

Nicholas Canuso

Published June 3rd 2013
Kindle Edition
237 pages
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 About the Book 

Land of the Free: A Prayer Guide to End Human Trafficking in America is a comprehensive look at modern slavery in the United States: what causes it, how it functions, and what we can do to stop it. In the U.S., countless lives are being destroyed for profit and selfish exploitation. Land of the Free equips readers with knowledge and understanding in how to recognize human trafficking, how to pray against it, and what ways we can give of ourselves to help rescue and restore those affected by this horrendous crime.This book fulfills the desire of many for a comprehensive prayer guide and training manual to equip and educate on the issues of modern slavery. It explores the business engine of Human Trafficking, chapter by chapter. The prayer sections are filled with specific scriptures and prayer points for the victims, traffickers, and customers, as well as government and non-government agencies. By agreeing to become part of the solution and encouraging others to do the same, we can and will ensure the proclamation that America is indeed the “Land of the Free.”Human Trafficking is one of the greatest evils we face in this generation. Since 2000 Nick Canuso has been dedicated to the worship and prayer movement as it relates to seeing God’s Justice released upon the Earth. Land of the Free is a very informative and practical tool for people who want to learn how their prayers can make a difference in human trafficking in America.-Mike Bickle, Director of International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Mo.There are many facets to addressing Human Trafficking. We must address everything from values to restoration. This requires a national grass roots restorative movement to emerge, not just more social programming. Nick Canuso, through this book Land of the Free has loosed a SHOFAR blast calling us to SHOW UP in prayer and I exhort this manual strongly.Ric Lumbard - Chief Executive Officer, WFM Missions BaseSince I first met Nick Canuso, he has always expressed how those involved in the prayer movement, especially those in Houses of Prayer, need to somehow target their prayers with action for the cause of Justice. Nick’s passion is evident in the choices he has made to stay faithful to the call God has gripped his life with. He is a true modern day advocate both in prayer and in his zeal to see the church mobilized for the sake of impacting society and bringing justice to this horrific plague affecting millions of women and children. I believe this book will not only educate you in the issues of modern day slavery, but more importantly be a vital tool in equipping you in prayer and action to see God’s Justice manifest in this land.Carlos Sarmiento - Executive Director, Orlando House of PrayerI have personally witnessed how Nick has become passionate through his prayers and advocacy to understand what can be done, from prevention to restoration, to address the root of this injustice. This book will grip you to cry out in prayer, and then to take action with the assignment you would be shown to become a modern-day abolitionist.Tomas J. Lares - Founder/Executive Director of Florida Abolitionist